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E-Waste Collection in its Fourth Year

Diamond Properties recently celebrated Earth Day by holding its fourth collection drive of e-waste materials from tenants, an initiative inspired by the Westchester Green Business Challenge (WGBC) in 2014. Because of the success of the program, we decided to repeat the collection program annually. Each year, we ask our tenants to bring in their used or damaged electronic equipment for proper disposal. Coordinated efforts between our building managers and Tekovery, a full service electronic recycling service, our mass e-waste recycling drive helps eliminate electronics safely, conveniently, and reduces our carbon footprint. Even in its fourth year, we still marvel at our collection because as we prepare we often wonder where or how were all of our old computers, phones, cameras, and printers disposed of previously? Sadly we have all probably contributed negatively to our environment but we are very proud to make even the smallest impact and take our tenants for the ride! Thank you to all of our tenants, DP staff, and Tekovery for another successful collection removing 2, 873 lbs of e-waste from our landfills.

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