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Diamond Properties, is  a commercial real estate business located in Mount Kisco, New York that focuses on the acquisition of commercial properties with potential for substantial improvement through hands-on property management, market repositioning, and capital upgrades.


Since Diamond Properties was founded in 1995, we have acquired over 125+ properties, including office, warehouse, retail, residential, and land and currently own in excess of 90 properties with 16 million square feet in 12 states. We continue to pursue an intense capital improvement and leasing program that, when combined with quality-driven customer service, has enabled us to deliver consistently high tenant satisfaction and lease renewal rates.


On-Site Management


Our team of leasing and property managers is empowered to directly deliver on our commitments to you. Our building engineers, construction personnel, and space cleaners work hard to exceed your expectations.


Impressive Common Areas

We keep our lobbies, hallways, and bathrooms modern and appealing. You will be impressed with our attention to detail and focus on maintaining pristine areas.


Modern building system

Behind the scenes, our computer controlled heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are working to keep you comfortable. Our modern elevators, card access security systems, advanced telecommunications systems, and life-safety systems deliver on the promise of a state-of-the-art work environment.


Glowing References

Our best source of new tenants has always been our existing tenants. Speak with current tenants in our buildings to see what they have to say, and you will find yourself impressed with the results.


Great Amenities

We build tenant amenities that make your life easier and your day more productive. Amenities vary from building to building, but often include tenant conference facilities, on-site dining, ATMs, vending rooms, loading docks, fitness centers, and day care facilities.


Competitive Price

Quality does not need to cost a lot, and our goal is to deliver the highest quality offices at the most competitive prices. You will find that our total lease costs are generally among the most competitive in the market.


First-Class Construction

We use premium materials, as well as care and craftsmanship in construction, to deliver the highest quality work environment that we can. This ensures that your space remains comfortable and productive over the term of our lease.


We Want Your Business

We deliver on our commitments because we want you as a tenant, and we will work harder than our competition every day to keep earning your business.


Custom Designed Spaces

Choose to move into a quality built space, or of having a space designed around your exact requirements. Our architect will speak with you about your space needs, create plans for you to review, and work with you to choose finishes. At the end of the construction process, you will have a space that reflects the personalized way you do business.


We Care

Day-in and day-out, we do our best to ensure a productive work environment for your company, because your success is our success.

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