inMark Media Group

May 30, 2017

inMark Media Group is a national media company founded on a simple principle  which is to provide your business with cost effective media solutions.   Their strategy is to help businesses become the  best known brand in their local community.

What They Do:

  • Provide Cost Effective Media Solutions for small to medium sized businesses

  • Target potential customers in your local market through advertising

  • Make your brand the best known to local communities

  • Create top of mind awareness

Why They Chose Velocity Work Space:

With co-working  spaces rising and the evolution of a less “corporate”  working environment I asked co-founders Franco  Cabral & Marco Vitolo why Velocity Office was a good choice for their business.   “With a growing company Velocity gives us the opportunity to expand our space”, says Marco Vitolo.   One of  the best options for  small businesses is the ability to grow and take space at your own pace when your business is ready; thus  eliminating the need for a long term lease commitment.   The advantages in  a co-working space are numerous according to Franco Cabral,  ” Credibility as a business  to prospects is a big reason.   Bringing clients  into your home may have a different outcome.”   Both agree that Velocity Work Space has the same vision similar to theirs; not a stuffy corporate office! “The free parking is also a huge added bonus! ”  says Marco.

The Event Department

May 30, 2017

The Event Department is exactly what it sounds like:  a company that offers event design and management services to individuals, businesses and non-profits.  In business for 17 years, the company moved to Velocity Suites in September of 2015.


The Event Department was founded by Rose Cappa Rotunno in 1999.  At that time it was a small home based consulting company with one employee. Over the years, the company has grown to 3 full-time and one part-time employee and the time had come to move out of the house and into an official office.


The search for office space was made more urgent due to the sale of the current space and the company needed to find an option quickly.  “Velocity worked for us because the offices were ready to go.  Of course we also love that the location is so close to White Plains and to major highways” says owner Rose Cappa Rotunno.  “There is ample parking for staff and clients and we very much enjoy the professional atmosphere that we have here.  It is a great place to meet with clients, host meetings and run a business.”


The Event Department’s strength is in building strategic partnerships to help their clients achieve their goals, maximize their resources, and develop vehicles for promotion and growth.  They have and extensive juried list of contractors, vendors and partners which enables them to provide excellent proven services.


With almost 20 years of experience in the community, The Event Department can provide guidance for best practices, fresh ideas and cost savings.  Their solid network of community partners allows them to make appropriate introductions for new relationships, and their development expertise ensures that those new friends become long-standing partners.

75 Virginia Road, White Plains, NY 10603

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